Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well, It's Almost Christmas...

And Christmas music is playing on every radio. This causes me to feel a sense of panic. The house is not decorated, shopping lists need to be made, Christmas cards need to be purchased and get the idea. I am not at all ready for this holiday. There's really no excuse. It comes every year and it is always December 25.

But I have a plan. For the next week, I will do nothing but get ready for Christmas. This means no sewing, or playing with fabric in my sewing room which is a more accurate description of how I've lately spent my time in there. When the trees are up and decorated, some presents purchased and wrapped -- then I will let myself back in the sewing room. The kids only have two - TWO! - more weeks of school then they'll be off for two full weeks. This is lovely, for them, but for me this means that all things Christmas must be finished and ready before they are out for the Christmas break.

So I'd better get busy because the clock is running.

So Merry Christmas to anyone who happens to read my blog. I might not get back again to my blog before the big day.