Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doll Quilt Finished!

Here it is mid-February and I haven't done much quilting this year yet. So I was happy to have the opportunity to make this little quilt. I had been wanting to make a "Whirlygiggle" quilt after seeing a number of darling ones on Flickr. Most notably, the one featured on the "Two Dogs and A Quilt" blog. It is really pretty. Now the person I made it for really likes pink and green, but I didn't want to copy the other quilt. And I had just received the green, yellow and aqua paisley fabric from eQuilter.com. I LOVE this fabric. So I wanted to try the whirlygiggle and I wanted to make a quilt in these colors...so this is the result. I used EQ5 to design the blocks and make the template. My finished squares are 2.25". It was really quite easy to do; the hardest part was keeping the pieces in order to sew them together! I mailed it off today and I'm hoping the person I made it for likes it...

Hopefully the sixth installment of the Doll Quilt Swap will be opened soon so I can make another little quilt. I seem to need the pressure of a deadline to actually sit down and make one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

WIP, Today's Progress

Yay! Some progress on my latest doll quilt. This one is a little gift that I thought I would have finished by now. I started cutting the pieces 2 weeks ago; but with the snow and the kids home 4 days and then a busy week last week, I'm just now putting it together. Tomorrow I hope to add the borders and get it quilted. Hopefully it will be finished by Friday - that's my goal. We'll see what pops up between now and then...

I had been wanting to make a pinwheel quilt for awhile; I've seen some really nice ones over on Flickr. So I pulled some fabrics and sat down with EQ5 and this is what I came up with. I'm liking it so far; it was pretty easy to sew together. The seam allowance are a bit fussy to press, but that is often the case with these little quilts.