Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jennie is having a giveaway!

And so I'm making a blog post! Wish I had some quilting to show, but I've been keeping pretty busy with some t-shirt quilt commissions and other sewing for Etsy.

Jennie makes quilts, too. Really cute ones. I met her (well, not in person) on Flickr through the Doll Quilt Swap and I follow her on Twitter. Her blog can be found here: And she is celebrating 300 (!) blog posts with a terrific giveaway. So she not only makes more quilts than me, she blogs more, too!! Hop on over and check out her blog. Pretty cool!!

And because I'm posting, here are a few pics. I took these last week at Cox Arboretum, near Dayton, OH. Lovely spring we are having this year!!

Hopefully, I'll be back soon with some quilt photos soon!

Happy Quilting!!