Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tiny Treasures

You never know what a day is going to bring. I was just going to water my pansies when an unexpected flash of blue made me look closer at a bush I walk by daily. I found a robin's nest with 3 beautiful, perfect little eggs. What a nice surprise! I'm a little concerned about mama robin's choice of a nesting place. It is very close to the ground...I'll have to keep an eye on the nest.
I'm having a very pleasant day. I worked in my sewing room early and posted 2 new items on Etsy. My dupioni silk zipper pouch turned out very elegant, in my opinion, and very close in color to the little robin's eggs I found. I got my daisy bag listed today as well. I've listed several things lately; people are looking but no sales...maybe soon....Anyway, I also dug up a place in the yard to move some iris that have outgrown their old place. And now, I am writing in my blog and listening to music...Joshua Radin. I like his sound, very peaceful. And my sewing room smells wonderful. I got Pink Lemonade tarts from I highly recommend her shop. The tarts smell great, and I only set one out on a shelf. I think I'll have to try some other scents, too, but now I am enjoying this lovely, lemony one.
It is about time to start dinner, so I'll end this now.
'Til next time...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mission: Accomplished!

Yay! Today was a very good day! I set out to sew, and sew I did. I finished a very cute shoulder sling purse in a darling cherry print on black. I finished another zipper pouch/cosmetic bag with flowers and bees on it. I also cut out some other things to sew on when I get a chance. While my daughter was at swim practice, I spent an hour editing photos. And this evening, I finally updated my Etsy shop with several of my new items. I'm not entirely happy with my photos...I'll have to look into why they look fuzzy-they look fine until they get to Etsy- and try something else. I have been learning all sorts of things about websites and html and all that other stuff that goes with the territory. I would never have thought it likely a year ago...

Anyway... here is a photo; just a sample of what I did on Etsy today. Don't forget to check out my shop.

Now I am going to put my laptop to bed and get some rest myself so I can get up tomorrow and do it all again! Hurray for Friday!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Busy Wednesday

Why is it that some weeks seem to be over before they get started. I'm having one of those busy weeks. It often happens in Spring. I'm busy in the house; busy in the yard; the kids are busy...and so it goes. I have spent a little time in my sewing room, trying to squeeze a little productive creating time into the rest of my day. Tomorrow should be a good work day. I have nothing planned except some quality time with my sewing machine. But here is a sneak peek of a new cosmetic bag/zipper pouch that will be on Etsy soon. It has a lovely yellow lining.

If tomorrow goes as planned, this and several other items will pop up in my store very soon.

Have a great night!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! It is an absolutely beautiful day in Ohio. The sun is shining; the sky is bright blue. Just the right temperature, too. Warm enough to sit in the sun, but not so hot that you have to find shade. Lovely, lovely day. I enjoyed it with my family in the backyard. I found violets blooming near the woods. My dad always thought they were weeds, and tried unsuccessfully to kill them. For me, they are a welcome sign of Spring.

Etsy was down today for site maintenance. I was disappointed to have it down; I like to check in on my store and I had a new treasury posted -- this one was all quilts. But, the maintenance was necessary and I can wait a day. I made a couple of pincushions and thought about some other ideas that have been living in my head for awhile. I think maybe tomorrow I'll try to commit some of them to fabric. I'll put the pincushions on Etsy tomorrow, too.

I took some photos of my little dog today. Her name is Callie; she is a black and white parti color miniature schnauzer. She is a very affectionate and playful companion. She is 1-1/2 years old and rarely sits still long enough to photograph. Today, she was chewing a bone outside and I got a few photos. I still have not managed to get a picture that captures the real Callie.
Time to enjoy the rest of the day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goodbye Sanjaya!

Well, it finally happened. He seems like a nice guy, has a beautiful smile and lovely hair...but he can't sing. Or at least not on TV. So, finally he's gone. I wonder what he'll do next.

Today was sunny, so I worked in the yard. My poor garden is in very sad shape. So, a little at at time, I'm trying to clean it up and get ready for Spring. I think maybe Winter has finally given up and gone away. Tomorrow, I need to sew. I have many ideas for new items to try in my Etsy shop and they are not going to create themselves. So I will try to be productive tomorrow.

Tonight, I got another Treasury on Etsy. My second one. This time I chose violet items that would be good Mother's Day gifts. Here's the link: I really need to figure out how to copy the image here. It would be so much nicer...

So, it's time to put my computer to bed. Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Such Sadness...

I'm watching the news today with such sadness over the events at Virginia Tech yesterday. Why do people do these things? I can't understand choosing to cause so much pain. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering.

Be kind to someone today...


Monday, April 16, 2007


I think maybe Mondays are my lucky day. I've had 2 Etsy sales so far, both on a Monday. Today my pretty little pincushion found a new home and will be on its merry way tomorrow. Both my children were born on a Monday; and we brought our darling puppy home on a Monday. I think maybe I need to change how I think about Mondays, because Monday has been good to me...
Until next time,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Sunday

It is Sunday and it is raining. Very dreary... I hope all the people affected by the storm on the east coast will be safe. It's just cold here, with a bit of rain and maybe some snow. Not dangerous...

Today is a good day to read a book and sew something. And maybe cook something really warm and satisfying. I haven't been to the library lately, so I'll have to read one of my old favorites, like "Emma." And I think I'll spend some time organizing my sewing stuff. I don't have much room and I always seem to be hunting for something. And eat chocolate--that's always good...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Blog Post

Hi! I guess that's a good way to start. Welcome to my blog. Never would have thought I'd have a blog--but I do. And this is my first post.

A year ago this would have never crossed my mind, but I discovered Etsy in the fall and decided that I just had to try it. I love to make things, but never know how to sell them. I really don't like asking people to buy my things. Shy, I guess. So, I decided to start an Etsy store and here I am with a blog. It just all seemed to go together.

I got my first Treasury on Etsy Friday. It was fun putting it together. I choose spring flowers as a theme. My spring flowers were frozen and I think I'll have to hope that I'll get to enjoy them next year. I found lots of pretty ones on Etsy. You can look if you like...
It will be there until Sunday evening.

I made another pincushion today, and put that one on Etsy with 2 others that were waiting. They are fun to make. I took a class at the International Quilt Festival in Houston and learned some new piecing techniques. It was good to put them to use. I have some other ideas I'm working on. Some will be for Mother's Day.

I think that's enough for a 1st blog post. I'll show you more of my sewing and stuff another day.